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30″ Plastic Round Table (Tall)



Item Description:

This table is 30″ all the way around by 42″ tall. It stands 3-4 people. This table is only one piece and works well even when on uneven surfaces.

Linen For This Table:

We suggest ordering a linen for this table according to the following sizes:

  • 120″ round linen will go to the floor.
  • 108″ round linen has a 39 ” drop with 3″ off the ground.
  • 90″ round linen has a 30″ drop with 12″ off the ground.
  • 60” x 60″ square to use with another round linen as a overlay topper.

Tables can be will called or delivered, but additional delivery charges will be added based on the delivery location.

It is the customer’s responsibility to keep ALL items safe from damage due to inclement weather, sprinklers, or negligent handling .  Damages will result in additional charges.

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